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Congratulations on your engagement. The music played at your wedding will help set the tone and feel of the entire event. So, I have developed this page to help you easily select music matching the spirit you wish to portray. If you have not already booked your wedding date with me, please feel free to use this form as a contact method and I will be in touch with you within a few days. You may also wish to call me at (912)-663-6320 to consult about the music or reserve your ceremony date.

Please fill out the form below answering each question carefully. Use the mp3 music player below to listen to each selection. You will probably want to have a piece of paper and pen available while listening to help you remember the selections you like. Most of the music in the playlist can be used for many different parts of the service. That is to say these songs can be used as your processional, recessional, prelude postlude, unity candle etc.

Hints For Selecting Music That Adds Flair To Your Ceremony
When choosing a processional (Brides Entrance Music), try to find something that has stately feel and steady beat that is not to fast. This will help you slow down and enjoy the moment and in addition add elegance to your entrance. Also, try to select something in a major key that has a happy sound. When selecting a recessional, (Brides Exiting Music) choose music that is a little faster than the processional and more upbeat. This adds a celebratory feel and gives a sense of closure to the ceremony. Prelude music should be a nice combination of slow and upbeat music to give variety as the guests arrive. Most importantly, choose pieces that really appeal to you. It's your wedding and you should enjoy these moments years to come!

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Special Requests

Please try to select music available on the playlist. All special requests are subject to approval of the artist and must be received thirty (30) days in advance of the ceremony. For most special requests, there is a fee for arranging and learning the material that is not included in the general ceremony pricing. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at 1-912-353-8183 or at the any of the contact information below.

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